Set for safe removal of ticks

The only effective method to prevent or reduce the risk of transmission of infectious fluids during tick removal is to block the hypostome by a strong cryogenic effect.

The use of VET PROTECTOR TICKS during the removal of a tick effectively prevents the transmission of body fluids of the parasite (which may contain bacteria, viruses and protozoa) to the host’s organism.

The product VET PROTECTOR TICKS uses a specialized pharmaceutical valve with a flux actuator. This combination allows the application of a precise dose on the tick with complete safety for the patient’s skin.


1. Locate and visualize the parasite. It is very important to expose it properly before deleting it.

2. Check that the correct dose of the preparation is in the valve. To do this, point the dispenser spout away from you and, holding it upright, press twice.

3. Aim the outlet of the dosing nozzle VET PROTECTOR TICKS at the head of the tick. Push down on the nozzle until the entire dose is applied. The treatment can be repeated depending on the size of the tick.

4. Using tweezers, grasp the mouth of the tick as close to the skin as possible and slowly pull it vertically upwards. Trying to pull out the body itself may result in tearing and leaving the oral cavity under the skin. Use a pair of tweezers to pull out any remaining parts of the tick in the skin.

5. Disinfect the place after removing the tick and the tweezers, eg with POLISEPT VET SPRAY. Wash your hands with soap and water. Avoid direct contact with the removed tick.