Ear care fluid for dogs and cats with the function of removing excess earwax.

VET PROTECTOR EARS – PLUS – preparation for prophylactic and care use in inflammations of the external ear canal.

Ear problems can be caused by:

  • Bacteria, fungi and parasites (as a result of infections, we observe progressive pathological changes in the external auditory canal [stenosis, glandular hyperplasia, edema, surface folding, fibrosis, calcification, pathological growths] and otitis media).
  • Allergy (flea, atopic, food, drug addiction – the characteristic symptoms are skin growths, crusts, erythema or exudate).
  • Hormonal disorders (inflammation may be caused by hypothyroidism through lymphocytic inflammation of this organ).
  • Autoimmune (infections caused by a disturbed defense mechanism in the skin of the ear).
  • Injury and others (foreign body / irritant, hair, polyps, tumors).

1. The first application requires preliminary cleaning of the ear canal by a veterinarian with VET PROTECTOR PRO EARS – START or 20 drops of the preparation should be instilled into the ear, rubbed in and after 3-5 minutes, allow the animal to shake the ear out and then dry.
2. Re-introduce the preparation in the dose recommended by the veterinarian (10-20 drops), massaging the base of the auricle.
3. Prophylactic use – use once a week.

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