A specialized fluid for removing excess earwax from dogs and cats’ ears.

VET PROTECTOR PRO EARS – START – preparation for use in dogs and cats in order to remove excess earwax and prepare the ears for further treatment.

Ear problems can be caused by:

  • Bacteria, fungi and parasites (as a result of infections, we observe progressive pathological changes in the external auditory canal [stenosis, glandular hyperplasia, edema, surface folding, fibrosis, calcification, pathological growths] and otitis media).
  • Allergy (flea, atopic, food, drug addiction – the characteristic symptoms are skin growths, crusts, erythema or exudate).
  • Hormonal disorders (inflammation may be caused by hypothyroidism through lymphocytic inflammation of this organ).
  • Autoimmune (infections caused by a disturbed defense mechanism in the skin of the ear).
  • Injury and others (foreign body / irritant, hair, polyps, tumors).

1. After assessing the degree of changes / contamination in the ear, insert the preparation into the ear canal in an amount of 5 to a maximum of 10 drops.
2. Avoid the possibility of shaking the preparation from the ears for about 2-3 minutes (eg by using cotton wool or a tampon).
3. During this time, the animal may experience discomfort associated with the action of active substances.
4. After 2-3 minutes, drain the fluid from the ear canal, then rinse the ear with warm water or physiological fluid.
5. Dry the ear canal and the auricle.

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