Active dressing in the form of drops intended for use within the eyeball of horses, dogs and cats.

VET PROTECTOR EYES – LIGO –are eye drops containing  one component that has a low surface tension, which causes the drops to take over the function of the lipid layer.

As an auxiliary in the treatment of:

– Traumatic and spontaneous corneal erosion

– Corneal ulcers

– After surgical treatment of hernia Descemeta

– Mechanical injuries in the eyeball

-After ophthalmic procedures (refractive surgery, carom surgery, corneal transplantation, vitrectomy, retinal surgery tamponada)

– Surgical retinal tamponada


1. Before applying drops, it is recommended to wash your hands thoroughly.
2. After removing the cap, avoid touching the tip of the dropper.
3. Hold the rotated open bottle vertically above the eye.
4. Lightly press the bottle and serve one drop at a time in the animal’s eye.
5. Avoid contact between the dropper tip and eye or eyelashes during use.
6. After use, close the bottle with a screw cap.

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