There are several skin diseases referred to as dermatitis. Dermatitis can be caused by a number of infectious agents such as fungi, viruses, bacteria (e.g. purulent dermatoses ) may be of allergic (FAD, AD), may also be due to improper nutrition (food allergy dermatoses, metabolic), endocrine disorders (e.g. Cushing’s syndrome), or even the impact of external factors such as sunlight. Skin disorders can also affect the coat lead to local and even generalized alopecia.


A significant role in the occurrence of skin diseases also play ectoparasites (fleas, lice, lice, mites, grain mites, ticks). Fleas e.g. might be the cause of the occurrence of the Flea Atopic Dermatitis (FAD). Common occurrence is seen in dogs hypersensitive to flea allergen. Instance of ticks may in turn lead to the occurrence of purulent skin inflammation. Ticks are also a source of several serious diseases in dogs and cats.


Diseases of the skin, most often resulting from allergic origin, are often accompanied by itching. In implemented medical treatment it is also recommended to use supporting products (shampoos, emulsions, lotions) with antipruritic and anti-inflammatory properties.
In the course of dermatoses, in many cases, there is also the development of bacterial or fungal. This concerns both the skin and/or the skin appendages (e.g. purulent inflammation of the hair follicles). The symptom may be, among others, the appearance of unpleasant smell of the skin, sticking of the hair and often baldness. The procedure are usually antibiotics assisted by use of preparations in the form of a shampoo or lotion with combined antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.